The evolution never stops

Nissan GT-R

The evolution never stops

Nissan GT-R

Due to high demand, our current production for GT-R has been exhausted.
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Nissan GT-R The evolution never stops


The new GT-R T-spec exclusive edition is performance-ready, equipped with Brembo carbon ceramic rotors, now 410mm front and 390mm rear, for superior stopping power, while the Dunlop SP Sport Maxx high-performance tyres wrap model-exclusive forged gold alloy wheels.


T-spec stands out from the crowd – even among other GT-Rs. Available in two exclusive colours, Millennium Jade or Midnight Purple


Finishing off the GT-R T-spec is a special rigid and lightweight rear spoiler. Hand-made, featuring a lightweight “dry” carbon-fiber, it’s as beautiful to the touch as it is to the eye.


A GT-R tradition, Special Edition models receive unique badging that is the perfect finishing touch to a model that’s sure to be a rare sight.


To match the unique exterior colours, the GT-R T-spec features a bespoke interior that surrounds you in exclusivity with the steering wheel, shift lever, seat trim and dashboard decoration are finished in a model-exclusive dark green colour.


Creating a rich ambience, the GT-R T-spec features soft Alcantara® trim on the sun visors, as well as on the headliner.


Befitting its unique status, the GT-R T-spec features special badging on the doorsill kick plates and on the centre console.


It wouldn’t suit the passionate engineers at Nissan to create only a cosmetic transformation for the GT-R T-spec. Special equipment gives it enhanced performance to match the looks – no small feat on one of the world’s most exhilarating supercars.

Forged wheels with wider front fenders

To enhance handling and grip, the GT-R T-spec wears special 20-inch forged alloy wheels. Manufactured by RAYS®, the wider-than-stock wheels require wider front fenders to allow for clearance, while adding even more visual muscle to the Nissan GT-R’s already powerful lines. The finishing touch, the wheels are painted a rich gold color.

Carbon ceramic brakes and special VDC tuning

A lesson learned from racing, carbon ceramic is strong, exceptionally light, and heat-resistant. Making the most of this technology, GT-R T-spec employs larger rotors and pads, plus an especially rigid caliper, wearing special paint that will not change color, even at temperatures over 1,800 degrees. The lighter weight of the braking system also reduces unsprung weight, enhancing handling and steering response. To take advantage of the chassis improvements, the GT-R T-spec also features special tuning of the VDC system for enhanced response.


The GT-R NISMO is the ultimate street vehicle expression of Nissan’s Motorsports Racing Division. While some may find it daunting to take one of the world’s great supercars to the next level, the fanatic and dedicated engineers at NISMO live for the opportunity to create a vehicle like the GT-R NISMO SV. Available in exclusive Stealth Gray exterior paint – inspired by track tarmacs GT-Rs have set records and competed on.


Built on an obsession with detail and a passionate belief that a real supercar can deliver performance in real-world conditions, for anyone, anywhere and any time – the Nissan GT-R is turning the automotive world on its head.


Mastery lives in every detail of the Nissan GT-R. From the hand-stitching in the cabin to the steering wheel mounted paddle shifters, as well as redesigned front seats with added support, premium luxury trims and leather accented upholstery+ – nothing has escaped scrutiny.


With a streamlined interior, all gauges and controls are easily located and intuitively designed to minimise the time looking away from the road, and maximise your time enjoying the full experience of the Nissan GT‑R.

One expert, one engine

Every Nissan GT-R is personally hand-assembled in a dust and temperature controlled clean room by a single technician known as a Takumi. Only five master craftsmen in the world have this unique qualification, and each GT-R engine bears a plaque carrying its technician’s name.

Crafted by hand

In an era of mass production, there's value in the hands of the craftsman with experience honed by years of focus. The blue exhaust of the GT-R is hand-crafted from titanium, purpose-built to enable enhanced cooling for the engine's prodigious output


Feel the roar of a twin turbo V6 engine that produces an incredible 419kW and 632Nm of torque.

3.8 L

419 kW

632 Nm


The award-winning 3.8L V6 24-valve twin-turbocharged engine delivers 419kW at 6800 rpm and 632Nm of torque, and is fitted with a turbocharger to optimise intake and exhaust of gas flow.


For the road, the track, and nearly anything in between, the Nissan GT-R has a three-mode system, allowing on-the-fly adjustment of specific parameters for the transmission, suspension and VDC stability control. Supercar performance and flexibility – at the touch of a button.

in just 0.15 seconds Shifting the world of transmissions

Maximum acceleration is achieved with a paddle-shifted 6-speed sequential dual-clutch transmission, snapping lightning-quick gear changes in just 0.15 seconds when in R-Mode – almost as quickly as you can blink.

Carbon-composite driveshift

Helps to reduce weight while handling the engine’s significant output.

Wheel-mounted paddle shifters

Shifters are mounted on the steering wheel, ensuring a rapid-fire shift is always within reach, regardless of wheel position.

Independent rear axle

The Nissan GT-R operates a world-first independent rear transaxle for an All-Wheel Drive, moving the transfer case to the rear of the vehicle.